Self-Drilling & Thread Bar Anchors

The self-drilling anchor (SDA) system consists of a hollow anchor bar, nut, plate, coupler, centralizer and drill bit. It can combine drilling, grouting and anchoring functions.

Suitable for fractured rock which is difficult to drill without using a casing pipe. As such, this greatly improves the construction efficiency, shorten the construction period and reduces the overall construction cost.

The hollow anchor bar can be cut anywhere along its length and lengthened by the coupler. It is suitable for construction in narrow spaces where large equipment cannot enter. Self-drilling anchor systems can be used for slope stabilization, foundation support, tunnel pipe, roofing, transmission tower, wind tower foundation support, existing building repair, etc.

The post tensioned, fully threaded bar / rock bolt. Steel grades from 390MPa to 1080Mpa, aligned to the Chinese standard: GB/T 20065-2016. Material / Product specifications and certification provided upon request.