Glass fiber round bars are obtained by the pultrusion process, vynilester resin impregnated. Available in different diameters with improved adherence obtained by quartz sand coating.

Glass fiber structural element assembled by means of 1, 2 or 3 glass fiber flat bars Glasspree FL, mounted by customized plastic spacers around a Durotene grouting pipe, used to realize Global Injections at Unified Grouting Pressure (GUI), or a Durvinil sleeved grouting pipe (TAM), suitable for the execution of Repetitive and Selective Injections (RSI). Flat bars are externally coated with quartz and resin, during continuous production process, in order to enhance the bonding with the grouted material. For permanent applications.

Fiberglass self-drilling rods are suitable for installation with a drilling jumbo, significantly reducing installation time. The rods can be treated with a special anti-static coating required for their use in coal mines.

Sireg Geotech manufactures self-drilling rods, diameter 32 mm, with a steel drilling bit. Accessories include nuts and plates, available either in synthetic or steel.

Glasspree® soil nails are corrosion resistant and do not leave steel underground. Their light weight makes handling and installation easy. The glass fiber nail can be easily cut through by TBM or pile boring machine during the execution of excavation works at a later stage.

  • Tensile stress greater than that of steel
  • Light weight – one fourth to one fifth of the equivalent steel bar
  • Impervious to chloride ion and chemical attack
  • Transparency to magnetic fields and radio frequencies
  • Thermally and electrically non-conductive
  • Admixtures to reduce corrosion not needed
  • High fatigue endurance
  • Cutability – easily “consumed” by common excavation equipment
  • Better field handling damage tolerance than epoxy coated steel
  • High friction coefficient – quartz sand coated surface bonds to concrete and other grouts Easy handling and installation