Underground mining (roof support systems) or tunnelling operations demand safety first! The High Tensile Steel (HTS) Nets replace welded mesh sheets or heavy mild steel chain-link mesh as a light-weight technically superior strength alternative. Its superior strength with significantly less overlap loss allows significantly shorter installation times. The HTS Net provides unparalleled quality through performance, durability and reliability – combined with maximum efficiency. HTS Net with a wire tensile strength of at least 1,770 N/mm2 is able to withstand substantially higher static and dynamic loads than conventional reinforcement nets. This also enables higher levels of rock burst energy to be absorbed.

Customised ‘Blast-On’ Panels, dimensioned for ease-of-manual-handling provide underground crews with added security and peace of mind when blasting the rock face!


  • High tensile BLAST-ON mesh panels – 80×3 (1.5mx30m) 
  • High tensile BLAST-ON mesh panels – 80×3 (1.2mx30m)