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We supply world class earth/rock stabilization and erosion protection products for Africa

Geo Equip Africa (Pty) Ltd – A  passion for Africa, bringing world class geotechnical products to this great continent!

Focus placed on rock and slope (earth) stabilization products servicing two prominent sectors.

The Mining (Underground & Open Pit) and Civil Engineering / Earthworks markets.

South Africa, our operational headquarter together with our far-reaching logistical network for hassle-free delivery to your site!

Geo Equip Africa (Pty) Ltd – Une passion pour l’Afrique, apportant des produits géotechniques de classe mondiale à ce grand continent !

Accent mis sur les produits de stabilisation des roches et des pentes (terre) desservant deux secteurs importants.

Les marchés des Mines (Souterraine & à ciel ouvert) et Génie civil / Terrassement.

Afrique du Sud, notre siège opérationnel avec notre réseau logistique étendu pour une livraison sans tracas sur votre site !

Rock & Slope Stabilization

Hard rock & earth slope stabilization systems are designed to reduce the risk of slope failure to enhance public safety & the protection of infrastructure.

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Gabions & Geosynthetics

Geosynthetics (geotextiles, geogrids, geomembranes etc.) are synthetic products that are designed & used to stabilize terrain.

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The Geo Equip Team 

Geo Equip Africa is a made up of a core team of specialists at the ready to assist our market procure goods seamlessly. Our technical product range is backed by our in-house technical team and affiliates with operational and installation guidance on the products/systems. Coupled to this, our commercial, financial and legal leadership team is geared to handle cross border trade operations with ease.

Our head office, based in Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa with warehousing outlets in Johannesburg and the Eastern Cape.

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